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508 viewsThis has everything needed for anyone wanting to do this provided they have experience welding, cutting and tapping metal. I've tried to be exact but I would highly recommend that the brackets be made with the particular car present to allow for test fittings.
447 viewsTake your 'new' belts and clean them. Do this by pulling out the belt and securing it with something to keep it from retracting.
395 viewsAll stretched out and ready for a bath. Scrub both sides gently in hot, soapy water. Rinse both sides in fresh, hot water.
376 viewsDrying in the sun shine.
431 viewsThese are the belt latches. I cut the seat belt warning wire from the latch after the photo was taken.
464 viewsThe last time I'll see this mess!
424 viewsJust a reference of how the upper mount should look when the new one goes in.
443 viewsThe ugly stock belts and latches are removed.
432 viewsBoth of the brackets after fabrication.
410 viewsYou'll need to straighten the latches. Here I've straightened the left (driver side) latch. The right one is the unstraightened passenger latch.
460 viewsGo ahead and mount the latches. Notice the release buttons face each other!
411 viewsThe new belt upper mount attached.
420 viewsHow I attached the lower outside mount to the bracket. Slowly snug the bolt down until you can't move the belt's lower outside mount, then back of about 1/2 a turn, just so it can move with minor effort.
477 viewsHere's the lower outside mount and new bracket, mounted to the old stock location. This is shown for illustration purposes -- you need to mount the retractor first, then the bracket to the body.
442 viewsThis is the way you would actually do it; mount the retractor first THEN bolt the bracket and lower outside mount to the body. These two bolts should be tightened firmly but not by a gorilla i.e. don't over do it!
441 viewsJust a back-side shot of the 12mm bolts poking out the back. 10mm would be the perfect size but the hardware store I went to didn't have that size. The bolts should be M8x10 with 1.25mm thread pitch.
493 viewsAll bolted up. Looks nice-n-neat, eh?
483 viewsPretty cover snapped on.
447 viewsNow that's what I'm talkin' about! Clean!
468 viewsHow the back side looks. Pretty darn close to how the stock units look in later cars!
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