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Added: Everything you need to know to mount a MOSFET R/R!1725 viewsHere's the bracket I made from some scrap steel I had. It's 3/16" (5mm) thick. If you use a different thickness just make sure the piece used is thick enough to hold 4 threads at a MINIMUM! You want plenty of fastener thread engagement for the M6x1.00mm tap as that is where one side of the MOSFET R/R will be mounted. The chamfered hole is made with a 17/64" bit and then widened via chamfering. NOTE: Prior to this I had my MOSFET R/R mounted in the stock location with just one bolt and had NO ISSUES with it coming loose/moving.
1607 viewsSpace is now available. I'll be using this to house my Dynojet PowerCommander III.
1522 viewsThe MOSFET R/R, painted bracket, and stainless-steel fasteners. Blue Loc-tite is necessary on all three fasteners. The counter-sink bolt uses a 4mm Allen while the two cap bolts use a 5mm Allen wrench.
Mounted and wired!1475 viewsThis is how it looks when done.
1391 viewsPosition the bracket with the right bolt, having the hole centered on it. Tighten the counter-sunk bolt (left side) into the bracket and seat pan's captured nut. Remove the bolt from the right side.
1375 viewsNext, loosely put in the left bolt. This will help keep the left R/R hole lined up.
1343 viewsNow insert the right bolt in the R/R and tighten into the seat pan's captured nut. Remove the left bolt, apply Loc-tite (just like the other two fasteners) and tighten it to the bracket. Very snug but not so tight that you strip out the threads in the metal!
975 viewsIt's okay, I put her down to show how the sliders work. Unfortunately, the handle bar ends are gonna get bruised so maybe handle bar sliders would be a good idea for those who don't keep the stock mirrors.
Modeling the helmet939 viewsI hate it when people review a helmet but they don't show it being worn. So here it is, how it actually looks on a dressed motorcyclist. Please note that I'm not a professional model and my sweetie isn't a professional photographer so this is as good as it gets.
898 viewsMan I love the look of this helmet! Wind noise is greatly reduced compared to my noisy HJC. The helmet doesn't feel like it's pressing around the ears so I can hear my bike better. One thing that was noticeable was the air entering the face area. There are vents in the chin bar that are always open so this helmet will be nice in warmer weather...not so nice in cold weather unless I wear a face mask. Wearing my sunglasses was easy in my HJC but they don't fit quite as straight in the ROOF.
882 viewsChin bar back, visor down. I noticed that the visor has a slight tint. The visor is NOT a quick-release type so those who do track days or carry a second visor (one for day, one for night) won't want this helmet. This is a road going helmet; if I decide to do track days I will have a helmet for that (likely Bell or Arai).
867 viewsLED illuminated in parking light mode.
867 viewsThe smaller screw in place and with thread locker applied.
848 viewsLowering brackets mounted to the bike.
845 viewsGauges mounted to the lowering brackets.
834 viewsI put a yard stick inbetween the gaps to show the distance of the tank to the ground. Just under 5" (five inches). That's pretty good space and if you get a leg stuck it could save that as well.
After...828 viewsNow the gauge faces upward a little bit more thus allowing the rider (me) to view them better. A more direct, heads-on view.
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