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1170 viewsSqueeze stop pin in front of seat (seat fore/aft adjustment guide) to remove.
1001 viewsRemoved. Also shows how guide pin lock and lever fit each other (for when you need to re-install seat).
Once the stop pin is removed the seat can be pushed all the way back and removed from the car.
888 viewsJust a dirty view of the center guide.
837 viewsTunnel slider side of seat.
761 viewsOutboard slider side of seat.
852 viewsJust a more detailed view of the underside of the seat. Pretty simple!
830 viewsSimple video showing the removal of the seat trim. 2.8Mb.
VERY SIMPLE proceedure and the Benley is helpful as well. See main section 7. This can be done in less than 5 minutes!
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