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Most viewed - PCIII-USB installed
322 viewsThe PCIII protected inside some bubble-wrap and under the seat.
307 viewsA quick video tour of the installed harness. For easier viewing please go to
301 viewsThe PCIII-USB and the extensions completed, ready for installation!
298 viewsLeft side of the engine showing the two connectors for the rear (vertical) cylinder injector. The YELLOW wires from the PCIII go here.
289 viewsRight side of the engine showing the two connectors for the front (horizontal) cylinder injector. The ORANGE wires from the PCIII go here.
288 viewsOnce the bale is pulled out then the connector can be removed. As you can see, removing the bale doesn't need to be pretty to be effective.
275 viewsThe connectors used to make a single pig-tail extension. These are known as AMP Junior Power Timer connectors (.250" or 250 connectors).
273 viewsI used the pick to pull back the OEM wire bale that holds the female connector to the injector. The small screwdriver is then used to keep the bale from snapping back while pulling the bale further out with the pick.
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