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PorscheConcerning my 914 as well as the manufacturer.
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How-toPictorials of how to do stuff, helper pictures, etc.
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2005 Ferrari Club in Cannon Beach


22 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
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2005 Italian Concours in Seattle


Fabulous show of Italian cars and motorized cycles (motorcycle & scooter).

79 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
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Lake Oswego car show


21 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
Album viewed 502 times

Skip Barber Motorcycle Museum


Pictures taken by my friend Brian Fye when he went to Alabama to visit family.

249 files, last one added on Mar 02, 2006
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Skip Barber Motorcycle Museum I


My buddy Brian was there again. Here's the Ducatis. The last one (yellow) is what my Sport Classic was based upon.

24 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2012
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Woodburn Bug-In 2007


Nothing interesting, mainly for my reference.

6 files, last one added on Jun 08, 2006
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2007 PDX Int'l Autoshow


Portland International Autoshow. Just a few of the cars that caught my eye. Going on a Friday is DEFINITELY the way to see the show. Easy parking, much less people and children sitting in the cars.

Pictures taken with a point-n-shoot digital so please excuse the crappy reds and limiting composition.

38 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2007
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2007 Ferrari Club in Cannon Beach


May 5th, 2007. Many owners also gave charity rides. You pay a "donation" and get to be a passenger in a car, where they will drive you around on a predetermined route. Monies went to a local charity. Excellent idea...though a bit expensive in my opinion for some of the route options.

40 files, last one added on May 07, 2007
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2007 British Auto Show in Georgia


British Motorcar Day held on the lovely Martha Berry College grounds, just north of Rome.

30 files, last one added on May 22, 2007
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1976 Apache Royal Camper98 viewsAug 15, 2021
Motorcycle tire vise upgrade335 viewsHere is my Sport Classic in the new Derek Weaver vise.

I kept the original wheel stop because it is in a stronger mounting location. Using the supplied DW wheel stop would require mounting it on the vertical strip just under the lift bed. That is welded on and could possibly bend if struck too hard when rolling the bike against it. It would also require drilling two more holes...meh, why bother?
Jun 17, 2017
Motolectric HICAP SC1K454 viewsHere's everything that came in the kit -- WOW! Nicely stocked with everything one would need, including zip ties, nice large gloves, and various chemicals!Jul 25, 2016
Apache lift box repair584 viewsCloser-up. Exploded view. Notice pin is came to us broken.Oct 19, 2014
Diavel low-beam HID731 viewsHID on the left, OEM H7 on the right. Notice that the HID bulb is taller.Oct 03, 2014
Diavel headlight film install837 viewsMy little helper showing the bottom tinted and the top untinted.Oct 03, 2014
Diavel LED turn signals394 viewsSize comparison of the incandescent (left) bulb vs. the LED unit (right). Though the LED unit is taller it will still fit inside the signal housing with room to spare.Aug 02, 2014
Jetta side mirror replacement321 viewsWhat the interior looks like. I set the mirror so it was centered in the housing. I started at the 11 o'clock position and worked my way anti-clockwise (aka counter-clockwise), gently prying the mirror clips away from the ring mount.Aug 13, 2013