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497 viewsThe OEM setup. The red line is the stock power cable that comes from the battery to the relay, down the right side of the engine, and under the engine to the starter.
The kit525 viewsHere's everything that came in the kit -- WOW! Nicely stocked with everything one would need, including zip ties, nice large gloves, and various chemicals!
499 viewsClose-up of the OEM cable (red line) as it wraps around the front of the clutch and then to the starter post on the starter.
499 viewsThis is the starter relay with the OEM cables.
934 viewsThe brown line is the OEM ground cable; it's connected to the negative terminal on the battery.
913 viewsThe red line is the OEM cable that goes from the positive battery terminal to the top post on the starter relay.
942 viewsThe starter relay removed. You will need to disconnect the cables first in order to remove it.
916 viewsRemove the OEM cables. This is the cable from the starter relay to the starter. Mine was in really good condition for having over 16,000 miles on it. Even the starter post under the cable boot was clean!
940 viewsNow, the regular install guide for the SC has you "cap off" the OEM cable. I decided to get rid of the OEM cable so I removed it from the harness. Here is the insulation removed from the OEM battery mount. I cut the big, black starter cable about 1/2" from the crimp and then re-wrapped the whole thing with the supplied heat shrink. This gave me a completely separate starter cable from the other electrical wiring.
943 viewsHere is the end result of my custom work. The copper tab is fairly easy to bend so I tweaked it just a tad to fit with the OEM tab.
935 viewsThis shows the end product. The brown line is the new Motolectric ground cable that pretty much follows the OEM path. The red line is the new Motolectric power cable for the starter circuit. I routed the new Motolectric cable along the OEM path along the upper frame.
926 viewsThe brown line is the new Motolectric ground cable.
912 viewsThe starter relay is back in place and the Motolectric cables attached. Notice that the relay output cable that goes to the starter is routed in the opposite direction. It now goes across the top of the horizontal cylinder to the left.
904 viewsThe red line shows the new Motolectric cable is securely zip-tied to keep it from rubbing on the engine.
913 viewsThe red line shows the Motolectric cable going down the left side of the engine and then under the horizontal cylinder.
914 viewsLooking under the engine from the front left side, shows the cable coming down from the left side and across the bottom of the engine to mount on the starter, 180-degrees from the OEM mounting.
Completed!519 viewsMost people would be hard-pressed to notice the visual difference as I tried to keep the cabling routed along the OEM path. Mia ragazza does start quickly after riding her. Even on cold mornings with the lithium Shorai she cranks more quickly, not that slow chugging one gets with a lead-acid battery.
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