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FamilyFamily photo albums.
FamilyRegular family stuff that's a bit dated now.
24 691
Bella JadePictures of the Li'l Monkey.
9 103
RoninPictures of the little boy.
5 74
Type 3Dedicated to VW Type 3 stuff.
28 482
Zoom-zoomNon-Type 3 stuff. Ferrari, motorcycle, auto shows, and other gear-head stuff.
15 652
PorscheConcerning my 914 as well as the manufacturer.
6 115
28 428
How-toPictorials of how to do stuff, helper pictures, etc.
18 334
MiscEverything else goes in here.
18 485
My Navy DazeImages of my active service time in the US Navy, 1987-1990. Photographs are scanned because I was in the service before digital photography.
2 6
PHS ReunionsPhilomath High School reunions for class of '85
2 99
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Motorcycle tire vise upgrade335 viewsHere is my Sport Classic in the new Derek Weaver vise.

I kept the original wheel stop because it is in a stronger mounting location. Using the supplied DW wheel stop would require mounting it on the vertical strip just under the lift bed. That is welded on and could possibly bend if struck too hard when rolling the bike against it. It would also require drilling two more holes...meh, why bother?
Jun 17, 2017
Salas 50th Anniversary501 viewsApr 02, 2017
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Apache lift box repair584 viewsCloser-up. Exploded view. Notice pin is came to us broken.Oct 19, 2014