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Aerodynamics 1


13 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
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Aerodynamics 2


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Aerodynamics 4


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Jetta front seat removal


Just a quick blurb on removing the front seat from a Mk.III.

7 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
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Jetta cabin insulation


Removing some of the insulation from my car to reduce weight.

4 files, last one added on Oct 16, 2005
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Riviera Removal


Reference photos of the removal of a Riviera camper top from a '72 VW Bus. Though done with two air-cooled nuts, at least three or four buddies are recommended when actually removing the top from the Bus. And I'd venture a guess I'll need the same amount for putting it on the 'new' Bus. The top is heavy and it wants to extend itself, sliding around on the roof because of the helper springs. Zip-tying the X-framing together, in the folded position, helped keep it under better control.

58 files, last one added on Apr 21, 2008
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Bus duct insulation


I wrapped the heater ducting using Reflectix from The Home Depot. It's a double-layer bubble wrap with an aluminum coating on each side. Long zip-ties secure it all together. I used a 16" by 25' roll and have a couple of yards left over.

24 files, last one added on Nov 30, 2008
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Bus fuel gauge vibrator replacement


A solid-state replacement for the fuel gauge vibrator. Kudos go to Timo78 from for figuring out what voltage regulator to use and getting me motivated to complete it. Only two parts are needed, a voltage regulator (10-volt, 1-amp) part number NTE1932, and two resistors, one 16-ohm @ 3-watts and one 1-ohm @ 3-watts (to give a total of 17-ohms). See the pictures for more. Note that I'm NOT an electronics person so don't criticize my work too much :-)

14 files, last one added on Jan 09, 2010
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Bus middle seat retrofit


Putting in a middle seat in a Riviera Camper Bus.

10 files, last one added on Feb 06, 2010
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Motorcycle tire vise upgrade332 viewsHere is my Sport Classic in the new Derek Weaver vise.

I kept the original wheel stop because it is in a stronger mounting location. Using the supplied DW wheel stop would require mounting it on the vertical strip just under the lift bed. That is welded on and could possibly bend if struck too hard when rolling the bike against it. It would also require drilling two more holes...meh, why bother?
Jun 17, 2017
Apache lift box repair583 viewsCloser-up. Exploded view. Notice pin is came to us broken.Oct 19, 2014
Jetta side mirror replacement319 viewsWhat the interior looks like. I set the mirror so it was centered in the housing. I started at the 11 o'clock position and worked my way anti-clockwise (aka counter-clockwise), gently prying the mirror clips away from the ring mount.Aug 13, 2013
Routan LED eyebrows680 viewsTa-da!Apr 16, 2012
Routan fog install670 viewsRight fog light installed, front view. Note that adjusting screw is always at the top.Apr 03, 2012
Goldwing turn signal lube336 viewsWhen attaching the switch housing make sure to line up the housing pin to the hole in the handle bar.Jan 17, 2011
Jetta Halogen90003 to HID Bi-Xenon409 viewsThe far left box shows plastic removed for the HID wires and the 3-prong plug that normally goes on the halogen bulb. Make the left [driver] side slightly bigger to accommodate all wires. Should be snug! Center box shows how bulb retaining hook is moved to under the frame and the far right box shows how the retaining wire is positioned to hold the HID bulb in. It will require a slight bending of the wire but not too much because you don't want to break the spring steel!! Dec 05, 2010
Bus middle seat retrofit315 views2-person seat installed, yeay!!Feb 06, 2010