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Last additions - Jetta Halogen90003 to HID Bi-Xenon
9608 viewsRight [passenger] side ballast/ignitor affixed to airbox top.Dec 05, 2010
10632 viewsRelay zip-tied to hose clamp on left [driver] side. Ballast/ignitor is under the light housing, on the longitudinal bumper frame(?), sitting on a pad.Dec 05, 2010
8570 viewsThe end result. Removed material should almost be flush with the rubber sealing ring. It's okay and recommended to have it a bit higher than the sealing ring, say, .5mm to 1mm.Dec 04, 2010
7588 viewsUse sharp blade to cut away the plastic and bevel the lip (remove sharp edges).Dec 04, 2010
6578 viewsUse pliers to gently pull the section back. Start from one end and work your way to the other end. Dec 04, 2010
5620 viewsUse a sharp blade to score the plastic. This will allow the plastic to break away easily.Dec 04, 2010
32190 viewsThe left cover has been modified; the right has not. The covers are not "sided", they are the same so you don't have to worry about mixing them up. Modify them both the exact same way.Dec 04, 2010
4614 viewsCut out the plastic lip from the covers. This allows the cover to be placed back on and turned, helping to keep water and dust out of the light housing.Dec 04, 2010
12267 viewsThe far left box shows plastic removed for the HID wires and the 3-prong plug that normally goes on the halogen bulb. Make the left [driver] side slightly bigger to accommodate all wires. Should be snug! Center box shows how bulb retaining hook is moved to under the frame and the far right box shows how the retaining wire is positioned to hold the HID bulb in. It will require a slight bending of the wire but not too much because you don't want to break the spring steel!! Dec 04, 2010
22206 viewsHere's the wiring pushed down in the slot and ready for the cover to be placed on. Note that on the right [passenger] side there was no need for the bulb plug so I left it inside the light housing and made the wire pass-through notch big enough for just the HID wiring.Dec 04, 2010
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